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Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog Positive Effects, Remedies and Benefits

Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog

Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog :These days Kalsarp Yoga has turn into horror both for horoscopist and original public. Even though there is not much to be strained about given that there are lots and lots of remedies to take care of all immortal belongings. When all planets in any astrology are between Rahu and Ketu then Kalsarp Yoga is build. Whenever there is Kalsarp Yoga in any astrology, then person’s life is full of conflicts and clash and with much crucial work is proficient.

There are lots of barriers in every single aim native puts in at house or at work-place. Quite general 1 or two planets are out of Rahu and Ketu’s grip and then it is classified as anshik Kalsarp Yog. It decreases the ill effects.

In some Lagans, anshik Kalsarp Yoga gives far more and far more difficulty. They get difficulties in most necessary dashas or Sub periods of Rahu and Ketu.

As per Hindu horoscope, when all seven planets are on the similar side of Rahu and Ketu’s axle, and not one individual planet is on the other side then ‘Full’ Kaal Sarp Dosha is formed. Rahu and KetuIf it so happens that a individual planet is on the other side of the axle of Rahu and Ketu, then it is not a Kaal Sarp Yog as it is only a Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. However this anshik Kaal Sarp yog is less severe.

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Effects of Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog :

A native having anshik Kaal Sarp Yoga in his astrology faces issues of uncertainty in his life, scandal, issues in progeny, mental disruptions. A native damaged by anshik Kaal Sarp Yog will see Pythons and Snakes in his imagination. A person afflicted by anshik Kaal Sarp Yog has to attempt all over his life. Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog contradicts the positive belongings of the house where it starts and ends. The people don’t get full benefit.

The person having Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog treats from mental unrest, obstacles in gain of wealth, hurdles in having children and continuous discussions in married life. Generally the people see bad dreams and there is hazard of sudden death. Various fears and worries continue.

The person does not get full reward of his abilities. Generally people don’t get success in work. Unexpected loss of finances or fame is an indicator of this yoga. People suffer from ailments. Also medicines cannot heal it.

Remedies for Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog

  • Praise the picture of Rahu.
  • Every Monday give curd on the Shiv Ling reciting “Om Namah Shivaaya”.
  • Blue is the favorable color. Use blue handkerchief, watchstrap, pen and iron ring.
  • Chant daily Raahu Kavach or Stotra.
  • Perform Jaap of 3 rosaries of “Om Namah Shivaaya” daily; 11 times Maha Mrityuanjaya Mantra daily and feed crow and dogs.

Benefits of Anshik Kaal Sarp Yog

Once can enjoy success in life if Rahu in the chart is strong and can give advantageous result in the life of the native. Advantages of Kaal Sarp Yog in Horoscope include:

  • Makes a person highly loyal towards any activities he or she does
  • It helps the person being brave and daring in life to take up any risk to get success
  • Makes one honest towards his/her deeds and way towards life
  • The person makes strong effort to overwhelmed the weakness he/she had in life

However, the person makes use of the complete potential and hard work always pays and turns a malign Yog to advantage result giving one. The results of this Yog can turn out to be a beneficial result giving one if

  • It combine with a proper type of planetary alignment
  • If Sun is with Rahu in house number 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 10th and that too in a zodiac sign which is a profit, then this conjugation will be favorable for the person.

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Ravi Shankar Guruji

वेद शास्त्र संपन्न आचार्य श्री रवि शंकर गुरुजी इनका परिवार 120 साल से त्रिम्बकेश्वर मे काल सर्प दोष निवारण केंद्र, त्रिम्बकेश्वर मंदिर के पीछे रहेते है| गुरुजी को २५ साल का अनुभव है| गुरुजी काल सर्प पूजा मे विशारद है, उन्होने २२००० से ज़्यादा काल सर्प की पूजाए की है और सभी यजमानोको १००% संतुष्टि दी है| सभी यजमान जो काल सर्प पूजा करके जाते है उन्हे तुरंत कुछ दीनो मे अच्छे रिज़ल्ट मिलने शुरू हो जाते है|
पूरे भारत मे सिर्फ़ त्रिम्बकेश्वर मे ही काल सर्प पूजा की जाती है क्योंकि त्रिम्बकेश्वर ज्योतिर्लिंग की असाधारण विशेषता है, जिसमें भगवान ब्रह्मा, भगवान विष्णु और भगवान रुद्र का प्रतीक है।

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